Which one of these technologies, if any, will have the biggest impact on business in the next 10 years?


Sample: c250 UK-based Senior Professionals, October 2019

61% of senior leaders representing a range of business sectors suggest that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to have the biggest impact on business in the next 10 years.

As one CEO observed, “I believe AI and its ability to machine read and understand documents will have the greatest “human” impact. Office jobs such as settlements at banks, legal readings etc will be replaced by tech.”

He was joined by another senior professional who said, “Artificial Intelligence is a ground breaking technology which will change society. The majority of the other technologies are enabling faster or better methods of performing the same or similar tasks.”

Another senior communications leader made the following observation, “AI however currently takes from us the more pedestrian tasks from us and enables us to use our time for things they can't do such as creative and critical thinking, relationship building, business development etc. The future challenge is that as AI capabilities become progressively more sophisticated and agile, they will erode what we contribute and a new norm will evolve. For example, look how social media has changed how we 'socialise’.”

One Managing Director noted, “Spatial interaction is the next user interface,” while another concluded, “I’m not a tech expert but this is my gut reaction. Cloud computing will enable a mobile workforce to stay connected.”

One Director summed up, “The internet of things is already happening. I have a car I can lock or unlock from dozens of miles away, and heating and hot water I control on the train from my phone. As this type of technology and convenience expands into the workplace, it will have significant impacts on productivity, roles and how we work.”


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