Which one of these, if any, is keeping your CEO awake at night?


Money, Money, Money…keeps CEOs awake at night
Sample: c400 UK-based Senior Professionals, May 2019

Latest insight from the Whitney Murray Insight Pulse 2019 suggests that CEOs are predominantly pre-occupied with financial performance ahead of managing talent and the company’s reputation, according to in-house Communications Directors working across a range of industries.

58% of those pulsed put financial performance top of the list with one Director commenting, “It’s all about the money,” and another pointing to, “Slowing demand, prompted by UK political stagnation, putting pressure on growth prospects,” as the reason for sleepless nights.

A seasoned communications leader opined, "While brand and talent are key areas of concern, financial performance for a private company considering its future plans remains the driver for running the business...sometimes (to) the detriment of talent.”

Rebecca Whitney, Managing Director of Whitney Murray, added, "While Brexit continues to bubble away in the background, it's clear the role of the CEO remains under constant scrutiny when it comes to the numbers.  This is unlikely to change and will no doubt be challenged more as we continue to run businesses under the cloud of political uncertainty."

In conclusion, one Director said their CEO was constantly preoccupied by managing talent, "Good quality people with great potential are rare in a tight labour market that makes recruiting, developing and retaining these people very difficult.  If you get the people right, financial performance always follows.  Get it wrong, you damage your business in the long term.”
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