Which one of these, if any, is fundamental to improving member satisfaction in your organisation?


Sample: c150 Membership Organisations and Trade Associations, based in the UK

Over half (58%) of senior management from a sample of leading Membership Organisations and Trade Associations say effective events and networking opportunities keep their members happy.

That said, about a quarter claim that regular one on ones should not go overlooked with one Director asserting, "We do all the things listed but there is nothing better than one to own meetings where you can explore issues and have frank discussions."

The impact of delivering the membership experience online is a key determinant in terms of satisfying members suggested another Director, "Members' - and everyone's - expectations about how much they can expect to do online and how easy any transactions should be, are higher than ever now. And for most members, getting the easy stuff done right is actually the priority for service and satisfaction."

The last word sat with this Chief Executive who spoke for many of his peers, "Whilst all the different types of engagement are important, the vast majority of members at all levels of their organisation experience their trade association most viscerally by physically being at events. Therefore events need to be professional and offer plenty of networking - it may be old-fashioned, but it is still the best way of demonstrating value to members!"
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