Which one of these, if any, could improve your life at work right now?


Sample: c250 UK-based Senior Professionals, October 2019

31% of senior leaders representing a range of business sectors lean towards a four day week as a tangible improvement to their life at work.  Another 25% suggest it's all about the money and would be happy to have a pay rise.

One start-up MD shared, "I'm generally trying to get all my work done in four days and have Friday off. No one else (including clients) seems to want to do anything on a Friday anyway. I'd rather start early and finish late Monday to Thursday."

An HR leader surmised, "In the big scheme of things whilst the other options would be nice this (believing that what I do for a living matters) is the only thing that really matters."

He was joined by another senior professional who said, “I'm so sad when I see people in my industry who have fallen out of love with their career. The inability to directly see the value that their work delivers drives despondency and apathy which ultimately leads to feeling unappreciated and like a cog in an anachronistic machine. Feeling excited about your job ensures you are continually striving to adapt to new challenges in a creative way."

Finally a couple of respondents offered a different perspective with one seeking "Better sleep," and another simply saying"Not coming in at all."

One Communications Director concluded, "Four days would still probably end up being five but at least it would be more likely to protect my weekend.  Saw an item about a small firm in Suffolk earlier this year, I think, where staff worked alternate Fridays - seemed to work very well for various reasons."


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