Which one of these attributes, if any, do you look for the most, when hiring?


Sample - c550 UK-based Senior Communications Professionals

Tuesday 3rd March 2020, The Pulse Business in partnership with Whitney Murray ran its first Communications Industry Index Pulse looking at the attributes Senior Communications Professionals seek out when hiring their teams.

Integrity (38%) sits highest on the list, closely followed by Intelligence (21%) and then Resilience (16%) suggesting today's communications expert is a complex individual with a lot to offer prospective employers.  Reliability (8%) ranked the lowest with 17% opting for 'Other'.

Resilience earned much comment including this observation from a senior Communications Director, "Because what we do is hard and it requires people who can deal with the pressures, be flexible and strong."

As one Vice Chairman opined, "You can have all the other attributes but if you don't have integrity, you and your team will fail."  They were supported by another Founder who said, "Without integrity, there can be no trust. No trust = no relationship."

Another CEO, who opted for 'Other', offered, "Self awareness is the number one thing I look for in a candidate. Why? Because none of us are perfect but people who have good self awareness make much better hires because self awareness is the foundation you need to learn, grow and develop."

In conclusion, a Senior Communications Director working for a large technology company shared, "I look for energy and passion...are they committed to our cause and will they go the extra mile and do that bit extra for me and the team?



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