When you're looking for new ideas to help you grow your business, who do you turn to for advice?


Senior Leadership Team is the 'go-to' for new ideas but customers and industry peers also rank as useful advisors
Sample: c150 Communications Leaders in the UK

Almost two thirds of a group of Communications Leaders say the senior leadership team is the place to go when looking for new ideas to help grow the business.  That said, some are happy to look elsewhere as one Comms Leader observed, "Customers! Look outwards instead of inside your own organisation."  The Finance Team and HR team are not singled out as useful sources for new ideas.

Business growth advice can come from outside the company as another leader suggested, "It depends on the type of the advice being sought...the usual source of ideas should (come from) the retained consultancy but often there will be more than one of these on the agency roster."

There was also a small vote for the sales team which was arguably overlooked as a source of smart ideas despite being the team that is a fundamental part of making growth happen.  Another leader offered, "Sales people engage with clients/customers - they have the market intelligence/feedback and can see any gaps etc."

One final insight came from the founder of a virtual business who said, "As a small business owner I often look outside of my business for help to others in the industry; peers and mentors."
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