What does the future of the workplace look like to you?


Wellbeing and Flexible Working are priorities for workplaces in the future
Sample: c250 UK-based Senior Professionals, October 2019

38% of senior leaders representing a range of business sectors suggest that workplaces in the future should reflect both the company culture and promote wellbeing. As one CEO observed, “The perception of the importance of wellbeing at work has also evolved with the recognition that if employees are happy and well, they are more productive and effective."

Much of the comment looked at the impact of company values on employees and its purpose, “If the company has a clear purpose and value set then the culture will flow from that. The well-being of the employees and the technology that enables them to do their roles are a given. Employers should have those anyway.”

This was borne out by another Managing Director who said, “If employees understand the raison d'etre for the company and the management team adhere to that purpose (and value set), the rest should follow.”

Naturally, the environmental agenda came up, "With increasing awareness of environmental concerns, future work spaces are likely to focus on demonstrable sustainability, to enable people to feel comfortable that their employer is in lockstep with their own keen desire to reduce their impact on the planet."  The future, it seems, is now clear.

With 28% saying that workplace which exploits digital technologies to help us work more freely, flexible working is clearly now a given. The final word sat with a Director who offered, “The workplace of the future will be less about physical location and more about the flexibility to work where, when and how the individual wants to work. Technology is the key to this (although no doubt office spaces will continue to change, too).”
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