Which one of these, if any, hinders innovation in the PR & Communications industry?


Time and fear stand in the way of innovation
Sample: c250 UK-based Senior Professionals, May 2019

The Pulse Business, in partnership with Whitney Murray, the executive recruitment firm, shared the findings of its latest innovation Pulse suggesting that more than one third of senior communications professionals claim a lack of time hinders innovation in the communications industry and surprisingly, 26% put fear as an inhibitor to the process of creativity.

The time challenge was best explained by one respondent who said, “We promise to do too much, with not enough resource, so we don't have the time to step back and think creatively…” while another added, “Too busy with the day job to consider meaningful innovation and change for good across the comms industry! Although I’m forcing myself to change that and make time as so critical to our future.”

One in-house Comms director observed, “I think companies (especially larger ones) can be very conservative and shy away from external communications that are outside their comfort zone. There are sometimes very good reasons for this but that does not get away from the fact they are sometimes fearful of the unknown.”

Another seasoned, Agency head said, “Lack of ability, intelligence, imagination and creativity hinder innovation in PR. Not money, politics or any of the others.”

Perhaps the last word likes with this Agency head who commented, “Time is the challenge on several fronts: agency resource management when models are run ‘super lean’; client expectations on turn around time (do you want our best work or our first work?); and an innate issue for people to run at 150 miles an hour with little time ‘built in’ for thinking. Of all the challenges we face this is the root cause of many.”


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