So who will ultimately win the Conservative Party leadership contest - Boris or Jeremy?


…Boris potentially the favourite but feelings are mixed…the opera isn’t over yet…
Sample: c250 UK-based Senior Professionals

Our latest Pulse 250 suggests that Boris Johnson is ultimately the favourite to win the Conservative Party leadership contest yet there are misgivings.  

The reasons for his likely success are varied. “The only Tory leader that votes can get behind to bear Farage and Corbyn,” claimed one Senior Professional along with another commenting, “He seems to be gathering steam and support from all quarters and he is modifying his stance on no deal.”

One Co-Founder observed he would win "because people buy personalities, not policies,” while another said, “He's the most charismatic idiot they have.”

One Managing Director pointed to other factors enabling Boris to walk into number 10…“Because the party feels they need someone strong and vocal to push through Brexit even though the majority of MPs do not want Brexit to happen. And they are too weak to do anything else and are more interested in their own position than that of the country. They also want to back a 'winner'. Boris comes closest to this 'image' probably. In my opinion he is neither. God help us!”

A touch of Schadenfreude echoed with this Communications leader who declared, “He is the architect on this entire disaster. The Conservative party think he will save them, instead he will preside over their demise. There is universal justice in this outcome.”

The final word we gave to this Director who surmised, “Boris is a plonker with no depth. His idea of appearing to have credibility is peppering his reluctant public appearances with old fashioned public school vocabulary. At least Jeremy has substance, ability, statesman presence and some leadership skills.”
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