In light of all the recent press coverage, are we losing our faith in the British monarchy?


Are we losing our faith in the British monarchy, in light of recent events?
Sample: c250 Senior Professionals in the UK, September 2019

Emotions and opinions are mixed following our latest Pulse asking if we're losing our faith in the monarchy.  Although a combined 25% say we're on the way to letting our belief go, 40% of those pulsed said, emphatically, their faith remained intact.

Reasons for leaving the monarchy behind centred on key individuals in the Royal Family as one senior Director stated, "Andrew is a disaster…but while the Queen is alive the institution retains wide respect.”  Ongoing faith in the Queen was powerful, “Her Majesty the Queen is the Monarch and she has acted entirely appropriate and in accordance with her long-established constitutional duties.”

This was coupled with broader support for the extended Royal Family, “While one member of the Royal Family may be under scrutiny, People don't forget the significant work the rest of the Royal Family does, this tends balance the status.”

That said, one CEO observed, “As far as politics and the constitution is concerned, the monarchy has been a cipher for decades; the past few weeks has just illustrated the extent.  As for the rest of it, the sooner it is taken out of serous public life and treated as the reality TV show it has become, the better.”

As expected, Brexit loomed large and wide in the comments with one communications expert citing, “…if we are checking our faith, then surely we must be checking our faith in our own establishment and our own constitution. Both are clearly struggling to retain what control they still have and the monarchy is yet again being used as a tattered flag for the rallying call.  Depending on which way it goes, Brexit could be the last major battle front in the war over decline of the monarchy and Britain as an entity.”

Perhaps the last word sits with this Founder of a virtual business who offered, “Scandal and the monarchy go hand in hand - it's like our own real life soap opera which we secretly all enjoy (but don't want to admit).”


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