Is video a valuable way of sharing news and updates with your members?


Almost one in two Trade & Membership Associations give video the thumbs up
Sample: c100 UK-based Membership Organisations, May 2019

The Pulse Business’ latest Trade Association Pulse suggests that video is gaining popularity as a channel for sharing news and updates.

As one Director observed, “Short and authentic video is a great alternative to flat content to convey a business message and receives better click through results.”

That said, one Chief Executive was less convinced, “Video is a good medium but often takes disproportionate time and effort to produce.  Also, if the quality of the video is poor this actually reflects badly on the organisation, to the extent that it was probably better not to have broadcasts the video at all.”

In conclusion, the general consensus was positive for video as only a minority (11%) said it was not useful and 33% saying they were yet to try it out.

A Director of a leading Membership Association summed up succinctly, “With video you hear directly from the person and if done well, videos are an effective way to communicate a message.”
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