Is it challenging managing millennials in your organisation?


One in three Membership & Trade Organisations find millennials challenging but the picture is not as bleak as it seems…
Sample: c90 UK-based Membership & Trade Association leaders, June 2019

Our latest Pulse shows 33% of senior leaders in membership & trade associations find millennials challenging with slightly less than a third (27%) saying this generation is no challenge at all.

One Leader shared, “They are no more or less challenging to manage than any other group, all of whom have occasional or frequent challenges,” while another said that one obstacle could be down to “…the lack of ability to think for themselves…”

All is not lost however as many of the comments shed new perspective - “Millennials have different expectations and are motivated by other things. Once you understand that it is easy to manage them as you can reward them in different ways. For example, giving them a chance to learn a new skill outside of work, time off for volunteering, gym memberships etc.”

Another Membership Organisation director observed, “They have different motivations and priorities from previous generations but fundamentally they still want to work hard and get on. So if you can adapt the organisation to meet their motivations, they contribute well,” while another Membership director offered, “It helps, with any prospective employee actually, to outline the expectations from both sides and their contribution/collaboration/approach can only ever be an asset.”

The last word sat with a director of an influential Trade Association who summed up, “The millennial narrative has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Of course, each generation has different life experiences to the one it follows but the idea that millennials are almost an alien species is self-evidently nonsense. But by treating an age group differently they inevitably respond differently. That is not to say that how we work has not changed, is not changing and will not continue to change. It has, it is and it will. That is due to a whole range of factors: technology, changing management and leadership styles and how people see the world. Right now I have typed that, time for a selfie and relaxation in the 'think tub’…”


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