How safe do you think your personal data is?


Sample: c250 UK-based Senior Professionals, January 2020

One in three senior business professionals believe their personal data is ‘unsafe’ according to the findings from our latest TPB 250 Pulse.

As one business owner observed, “The number of data breaches that are reported in the news don't seem to be decreasing. Also, I am aware that new hacking technology has made it easier for my data to fall into unscrupulous hands”

He was joined by another Managing Director who said, “It's impossible to know where 'my data' is and what is being shared and with whom. I can put in place security measures to protect the data that I own or choose to share, but there will likely be much data of mine that I probably do not even know exists, nor where it is stored or who accesses it.”

A CEO of a membership organisation noted, “Security features and tighter regulation should have made a difference, but it depends where you are talking about” while another Communications Leader concluded, “The value of personal data to big business is huge and easily accessible via social media channels.”

While almost one in three said they weren’t sure if their personal data was safe, a senior journalist summed up, “I'm a cynic. As a journalist, I've been reporting on this subject for 30 years! Traditional data security breaches due to human behaviour are routine. And there are too many holes in corporate cybersecurity strategies to allow full confidence. I adopt a position of low trust and factor that in depending on what I'm doing online and where. My basic assumption is that my data is never safe - wherever it is."
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