How good is your organisation at membership engagement?


Sample: c150 Membership Organisations and Trade Associations based in the UK

Making members more aware of the services and benefits available to them is cited as one of the key challenges to effective membership engagement confesses one Chief Excutive in our latest Pulse.

"Despite paying their subscriptions members often don't have enough visibility of the services available to them and so don't take part and get as much value from membership as they should."

Another Membership Director offered, "We have close and regular contact with all our members.  We are in contact with them at least once per week with a weekly e-bulletin and they are in contact with us with queries, questions, training bookings etc.  However, we lack really good data on the type, quality and depth of engagement.  We are commissioning an Association Management Software system to help provide that data."

More insight into what good looks like comes down to having a conversation according to another Membership Director, "We have invested a lot of time, effort and money in understanding and listening to what our members want over the past 18 months. Although we still have lots to do to meet all of their expectations, the dialogue we have with them has in itself been engaging."

Another Chief Executive offered, "We have a staff member dedicated to recruitment and retention, we run an annual member engagement index and target visits on the less engaged, we run a biannial membership satisfaction survey and track trends from that."

Finally, one Director put forward the following as an excellent starting point for connecting with their membership, "Part of our business plan is engagement with members and we have several ways to engage: committee meetings, one-to-one meetings, meetings with operation and management team, site visits. We also produce a monthly news email and email members regarding issues that impact on them."
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