How do you promote mental health and wellbeing inside your business?


Sample: c500 Senior Professionals, based in the UK, February 2020

In our latest Pulse 500, we find there are some easy fixes to improving mental health and wellbeing at work. About half of those we pulsed said that investing in external trainers, running wellness initiatives and nurturing speacial skills such as active listening all contribute to good practice.

One CEO observed, "We are very aware of the issue of mental health and with a predominantly male membership profile aware that for many men to discuss mental health is not always straightforward."

A Managing Director of an organisation that has just completed a comprehensive re-brand said, "We introduced flexible working last Summer and it has worked extremely well for employees and for the business. For us, this is just the start of our commitment to improving and maintaining the mental wellbeing of our staff."

Another CEO of a fast-paced PR Agency shared, "We're doing pretty well - mental health first aiders, an app that helps people manage their mental health with access to 24/7 counselling, regular sessions and debates to normalize the conversation around mental health, flexible working, monthly tea and talk sessions, wellbeing allowances etc. And while that seems a lot, it still doesn't feel like enough - so it's something we're constantly working on. In our industry in particular (public relations), tight deadlines, lack of control and long hours have contributed to poor mental health vs. UK averages, so we should be pushing the boundaries more than any other sector."

One senior leader offered a new idea - "Promote taking a walk at lunchtime," while the final word sat with a seasoned communications leader, "Most of the challenges in today’s world start with a real, or perceived, lack of flexibility in how human beings can work together to achieve a purpose...then we have to learn to work with and accommodate one another while we strive to achieve our agreed purpose.  That’s what enables a company to work effectively.  So ... enabling flexible working, with all that that entails, is a fundamental."
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