Pulse Insight Case Studies

Whitney Murray

Whitney Murray

Q: What do we do for Whitney Murray?

  • We run single question pulses to capture what's top of mind in the world of Communications Directors
  • For each pulse, we select the most intriguing insight and then build a fresh pulse question to test out the new theory or observation

"The insight this Pulse gave in that Communications Directors feel the need to justify their existence in a period of great change and uncertainty is intriguing when you consider the many other challenges they face in their roles. For me, it begs the question, why do they feel their position is precarious? Surely the Communications Director is needed more than ever to provide effective and consistent communication. We will be pulsing again to look at what is driving the focus on ROI shortly and specifically, to gain a better understanding of what good looks like for a FTSE 500 company."
Rebecca Whitney, Managing Director of Whitney Murray

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