As an employer, which one of these, if any, is keeping you awake at night?


Brexit remains the current pre-occupation for business leaders right now
Sample: c100 Senior Leaders working with/in Membership Organisations
Our latest Pulse asking what's keeping a group of business leaders awake at night came back with unsurprising results. As one Senior Leader (working for a 30,000 strong membership organisation) claimed, "The imminence of Brexit - and the increasing risks of a no-deal Brexit - means this has moved to the top of the list of address."

There is building frustration among many with another CEO asserting, "The ongoing uncertainty leads to cyclical stock building and de stocking. Access to EU market and conditions are not clear and this is 60% of our export markets."

That said, some are just focusing on the job in hand - "I'm dealing with the announcement of a merger and the impact that will have on my team," claimed one Director General while another shared that the following was keeping him awake at night -  "Retaining existing customers, increasing revenue, and attracting new ones. Without this, there is no business!"

Dealing with uncertainty is one thing but faith in the country's politcial leadership continues to falter, "It's the uncertainty (logistics/finance/tariffs etc) of it all for our stakeholders - what do they plan? The confirmation that I would not employ most of our senior politicians is depressing."
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